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The use of Merino wools in sportswear is booming. The Tecnowool Merino technical fabrics by Pontetorto are made from the finest wools for maximum comfort.

Merino is a natural choice for both low-energy impact sports such as yoga and walking and especially high-energy impact sports such as running, cycling, rowing, skiing, sailing and mountaineering.

Among the fibres used in sportswear Merino is undoubtedly one of the most sustainable and high-performing.

Merino wool fibre conveys body vapour to the outside aiding cooling during high-energy impact activities. The fibre absorbs sweat up to 35 % of the weight while leaving a comfortable dry feeling.

Wool, like no other fibre, has a high insulating power, even after absorbing much moisture, due to the small interior air pockets.

This insulating power maintains warmth at very low temperatures and provides a feeling of coolness when it is very hot.

The complex structure of Merino wool also absorbs odour generated by sweating.

The Tecnowool Merino range features very light jerseys of 100% merino or merino/polyester/Tencel blends to be used as a first layer as well as a wide range of stretch fleece to be used as a second layer with a smooth front, either melange or plain, and a 100% merino back side with elastomer for greater wearability and comfort.