Modernity in the sign of tradition and the culture of the territory that is achieved through continuous innovation and research. The use of fine fibres and the highest textile finishing typical of Prato have always made Pontetorto’s fashion collections a reference point for the Italian and international textile/clothing industry. All the knowledge of a land with a vocation for beauty, a cultural tradition that has been handed down for generations, and continuous inspirations and solicitations are poured into the creation of fine fabrics, with a noble soul and the idea of being recognised everywhere.


Pontetorto AW 25/26 collection

The Pontetorto AW 25/26 collection presents a wide selection of fabrics for outerwear, dresses, pants, in new textile structures, bouclés, coats, draped, compacts, solids and patterned designs made from sustainable and circular fibers and raw materials.

In an age of turbulence, mixing and evanescence, Pontetorto with the AW 25 26 collection rediscovers the signs and dreams of a special and ancient tradition, for more than seventy years linked inseparably to the search for excellence in the processing of natural fibers, and among the first to propose a circular textile ante litteram. Here language appropriates an evolved grammar in a welcoming and reassuring context to give a new dimension to the classic, rethought with the help of the most modern technology and with a sublime and refined semiotics.

Orthogonal or jersey fabrics live in the same passion, proposed with British Soul-inspired designs and declined in a suit version or heavier for outerwear, always with a flannel aspect and felted with soft, gentle, cloud-light hands.


Jacket fabrics, with a three-dimensional structure, are offered in warm, natural colors, capable of enhancing the look, always with puffy, soft but substantial hands.

Bouclés are soft, even ripped, for a modern tweed flavor made easy to match by colors in the white and camel range.


In the spirit of the collection, colors send messages of concreteness and durability, so wool white, natural, camel and brown end on grays, blues and blacks.


A commitment that underscores a long-standing vocation in the use of recycled materials combined with a relentless drive for innovation in a language that is current and never predictable. Attention and investment in certifications make Pontetorto an evolved and reliable partner.