High visibility







Pontetorto produces highly technological and innovative workwear fabrics, the result of constant experimentation and research in compliance with current safety regulations.

The main features involve the use of highly technical fabrics and membranes combined with special chemical treatments that guarantee protective performance in the event of thermal hazards of various kinds.
The special composition of these fabrics gives them comfort and softness, despite their extraordinary resistance to wear and abrasion.
Using a combination of innovative yarns and special chemical treatments, Pontetorto provides high-visibility fabrics that are flame-retardant, antistatic, waterproof, stain-resistant, breathable and more resistant to washing.
The high visibility fabrics have fluorescent colours conforming to the EN 20471 high visibility standard with high performance in terms of colour fastness to washing, perspiration and rubbing.
The range of flame retardant fabrics through the use of high-tech yarns protect against contact with flames, convective heat and radiant heat (EN11612), against the thermal effects of the electric arc (EN 61482) and also provide permanent antistaticity (EN 1149).
After years of research and experimentation, Pontetorto has succeeded in developing single or multi-layer fleece-type knitted synthetic fabrics with a windproof membrane, which can be industrially washed at up to 95°C and withstand up to 100 washes (ISO 15797 – method B).
The most innovative product in the Tecnowork collection is undoubtedly a three-layer Tecnoshell with a smooth outer side, an antistatic membrane in the middle layer, and a fleece inner side with certification for flame-retardant, arc-proof, antistatic, industrial washing at 75°C, and high-visibility colours.