May 2, 2023

Pontetorto sponsors the exhibition "Kimono - Reflections of Art between Japan and the West"

It is called “Kimono – Reflections of Art between Japan and the West” the new exhibition organized by the Prato Textile Museum, with the collaboration of the Gorizia Museum of Fashion and Applied Arts and under the patronage of the Embassy of Japan in Italy.On display from April 29 to November 19 will be fifty kimonos, including men’s and women’s, from the first half of the 20th century from the Manavello private collection, which, with woodcuts, prints, paintings and textiles, document the evolution of economic and cultural relations between Europe and Japan that began in the mid-sixteenth century and over time came to contaminate the art and fashion sectors of both.The exhibition will open with documentation of the European phenomenon of so-called Japanism and, on the other hand, the Westernization of Japan by the Meiji reign. The two cultures are connected in the last area devoted to Ukiyo-e woodcuts featuring women in kimonos. The second section is devoted to fifty kimonos grouped by subject and decoration where the languages of traditional Japanese culture merge with those of avant-garde European art and textile design, from Matisse to Klimt, from the Futurists to Kandinsky.Finally, an original core of kimonos emphasizes subjects related to the theme of major technological innovations in European industry and the war period associated with World War II.