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Pontetorto has always stood out for its research in sustainability and some 20 years ago they were (definitely) one of the first companies to use bottle-recycled polyester for fleece production.

For its commitment to making increasingly sustainable products, Pontetorto recently won the Eco Performance Award, specifically for the development of Biopile. This is the very first product designed to solve the serious and imminent problem of microplastics, which, upon garment washing, contribute heavily to the pollution of rivers, lakes, oceans and organic life.

Biopile is produced by using natural fibres on the back side of the fabric. The back side of the fleece is responsible for dispersing those small fibre particles into waterways. The natural micro-particles of Bio-fleece released during washing degrade completely within 3 months, both in aerobic and anaerobic form.

Pontetorto has already tested a fleece with a recycled polyester front and a biodegradable reverse, in Tencel or hemp. Furthermore, in collaboration with leading chemical yarn manufacturers, Pontetorto has recently developed a new Biopile which uses recycled polyester and the latest generation 100% biodegradable nylon. This represents an important step forward in the combination of performance and environmental respect . The final result is both highly technical and, thanks to its biodegradability, highly sustainable.