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Tecnowool Recycled by Pontetorto is a green product that combines nature, technicality, fashion and sport.

Tecnowool Recycled offers a wonderful combination of natural colours that only wool can achieve. Polyester on the inside can dry quickly while the wool on the outside absorbs water vapour and lets it slowly evaporate into the air.

Fleece technology combined with carded wool can offer such a thermal insulation that few other product can achieve.

The carded wool used is recycled from post consumer garments and during production we don’t use any chemical or dyeing products . Therefore we save water and energy.

The polyester content stabilizes the fabric so it can be machine-washed without the use of chlorine.

Second layer Tecnowool Recycled offers a wide range of double knit fabrics with different structures and patterns, ranging from the classic jersey knit look, ribbed, textured, embossed and piquè up to stripes and beautiful multi-coloured checked fabrics. Ideal for jumpers to wear under a windbreaker or even as an outer layer on warmer winter days.

Tecnowool Recycled is a highly sustainable product.

Regenerated carded wool belongs to the traditional production process of our region: already established far back in 1850. It still represents a modern practice for an environmentally-friendly textile industry.

The production cycle of regenerated carded fabrics is the expression of a virtuous circular economy.

Used clothing, sourced from all over the world, is sorted and selected according to quality, colour and fibre content thus starting the processing of the regenerated fabric.

The recycling production process is totally mechanical without any added chemicals.

Tecnowool Recycled combines the tradition of Prato with high technical performance.